In an aging Europe cinema, once an art of youth, has become a privileged site for the re-articulation of old age and gender. AGE-C studies how European films represent old age and gender, how producers and filmmakers respond to the growing relevance of old age and gender, and how their films affect audiences and impact society.


Representation and narrative

This working area studies how European cinemas depict and narrate the concepts of old age and gender, with a specific focus on the comparison and relationship between starring roles for women and other portrayals of old age and gender.

Mode of production

This working area explores how media representation, production strategies, and demographics interact. It studies how these aspects adapt to audience changes and trends, including the role of influential figures in endorsing new formats. It also looks at production differences in European countries and the influence of supranational entities on these patterns.

Circulation and impact on society

This working area examines how “lasting” star images carry the affective memory of film heritage and narratives of social change. It analyzes how the presence of senior stars in genres like comedy influences and reflects social change. These representations are also investigated in the context of evolving perceptions of aging and well-being.